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VK Hackathon

On November 26th and 27th, the VK team will host a 24-hour hackathon in St. Petersburg using open data provided by features of VK API and partner companies. 

Two weeks ago, we set up the community app platform, which allows useful tools that improve user interaction to be created within groups, public pages and events.  

The opportunities of community apps are endless. As the platform is open to everyone, we encourage developers to create new formats which may be useful for community administrators or followers.  

Now we are setting up the VK Hackathon, a competition for creating community apps. The winners will receive a lump sum of 300,000 rubles to be divided amongst themselves along with prizes from Hackathon partners by nomination.  

Everyone is invited to join the Hackathon community to follow updates, receive partner news and apply for the competition.
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