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Subscribing to Community Messages

Since the launch of our community messaging service, almost a whole year has passed. During this time, we have supported this tool in our API, created community widgets for sites and implemented Callback API to manage community events, including receiving new messages. 

Today we want to eliminate those shortcomings that, perhaps, don't allow you to communicate with subscribers through community messages. We have since come up with solutions for two major problems.


A user must first write the community. Because of this, it is impossible to, for example, contact subscribers who sent a request on another platform.

A user is now allowed to send notifications via the website's widget or the app's method. You no longer need to initiate contact.

A community may respond to a user only within a 30-days period from the moment the user sent a message.

There is no more 30-days restriction. If the user has not blocked the community, then it may message them at any moment.

this page.

Otherwise, the general process takes place like this. A user first presses the "Get notifications" button on your site. Afterwards, the user agrees to subscribe to messages within the pop-up window, at which point the user may be sent personal messages from the community without time restrictions.   

This widget also supports managing events. Thanks to this, you can maintain a list of message recipients in real-time.   

New API Methods
We have also added several new methods to our VK API so that you can work with community message subscription from your own apps:  
  • messages.allowMessagesFromGroup – a method for subscribing to community messages 
  • messages.denyMessagesFromGroup – a method for disabling receiving community messages 
  • messages.isMessagesFromGroupAllowed – a method for checking whether community messages are allowed 

If you have a website but the embedding of a widget, for whatever reason, does not fit for you, then use the method messages.allowMessagesFromGroup from the Open API. With this method, you can add a subscribe button to your page which will organically fit the design.
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