VK Launches Geo Advertising

When choosing from among the many shops, beauty salons or service stations, people select those located within easy reach at places they frequently visit. Consequently, it's simpler to attract potential clients who live or work nearby as these people can quickly find the shop and become regular customers. As of today, it is possible to place geotargeted advertisements in business centers, shopping malls, the metro or train stations. 

How does the geo advertising work?
While creating an advert, choose the location on the map and set the radius from 500 meters to 100 kilometers. This is the area where the users will be shown your advert. 

Advertisements are displayed on both the full and mobile website versions as well as in VK apps. The geo advertising setting is also available in the API.  

The advert display system analyses the information about location and selects the places where VK users spend the most time. Usually, these include home, work, university, fitness clubs and other frequently visited places.   

How to use the geo advertising?
Precise location targeting is a way to show adverts to nearby users. For example, you can show lunch adverts only to those working in a neighborhood business center, offer discounts for express-manicures only to those near beauty salons or announce a great deal for those who visit points of commercial competitors.   

By combining geo with other targeting types, you can receive unique audience settings: people of a certain age or gender who are interested in certain topics; those who have a birthday next week; or those who have already visited your website and possibly left some contact data with the help of the retargeting.   

VK geo advertising is more flexible compared to traditional advertising such as billboards, posters, fliers, BTL sales. You control the advert's launch time and you can stop or change the advert any moment. Moreover you can describe more about your business to potential clients by attaching pictures, photo albums and videos.   

How will the advertisement look?
Geo targeting may be used with all available VK advert formats: community posts, advert posts with buttons, small text, graphic blocks and advert blocks to promote communities.   

Ads" section and create your first VK advert. It takes only 500 rubles to start sharing your adverts on VK.
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