Setting Budget Limits

1. The Basics of Targeted Advertising
1.1. Where do I start?
1.2. How does impression advertising work?
1.3. How are pay-per-click ads sorted?
1.4. Video Advertising
1.5. How does geotargeting work?
2. Your Personal Account
2.1. Adding Funds to Your Budget
2.2. Advertising Campaigns
2.3. Setting Budget Limits
2.4. Graphs and Statistics
2.5. Ad Pre-moderation

Limits allow you to control your advertising budget expenditure. Limits can be of two types — daily and overall.

Daily and overall limits of an advertising campaign

Overall Limit
An overall limit can be set for ads or campaigns. If the amount spent by the ad is reaches the overall limit, all displays are terminated. To resume displays, it is necessary to increase or remove the limit and relaunch the ad. Overall limits for campaigns work the same way.

Daily Limit
You can set daily limits for campaigns. When the funds spent on the current day by ads in a campaign reach the daily limit, displays of all ads in that campaign are suspended. Displays will automatically resume at the start of the next day.

Limit Removal
If you want to remove your limit, open the edit page (by clicking on the number in the corresponding column) and select "Remove Limit". If the ad was suspended because it reached the limit that you have removed, then it will not be launched automatically. Launch the ad or campaign manually.
Removing a limit

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