Graphs and Statistics

1. The Basics of Targeted Advertising
1.1. Where do I start?
1.2. How does impression advertising work?
1.3. How are pay-per-click ads sorted?
1.4. Video Advertising
1.5. How does geotargeting work?
2. Your Personal Account
2.1. Adding Funds to Your Budget
2.2. Advertising Campaigns
2.3. Setting Budget Limits
2.4. Graphs and Statistics
2.5. Ad Pre-moderation

The main page of your account shows general statistics concerning your advertising campaigns. In the "Statistics Period" menu, you can select for what period to display data: overall statistics, today, yesterday, for this month or for last month.

You can select the period for which to display statistics

Soon we will make accessible statistics for certain days and months or by any random range of dates. Currently, this data can be viewed in graphs. If you open one of your campaigns, you can view statistics by separate ads.

Below on the main page of your personal account, you can see the statistics in the form of a graph. Graphs are available for comparing campaigns as well as ads inside campaigns. You can switch to different views of statistics in the menu on the right of the graph.
Comparing data of a few ads

Currently, data on clicks, impressions, CTR and expenditure are available on the graph.

Statistics Collected Before 26th August 2010
Please note that before 26th August, only the following ad data was collected:
  • Number of clicks — by day
  • Number of clicks — overall
  • Expenditure — overall

On 26th August 2010 we transferred to a new system of statistics in which we included:
  • Number of clicks — by day
  • CTR — by day
  • Expenditure — by day

To display missing data for periods before 26th August, we use approximate data obtained according to the current information. Precise data for periods before 26th August (in graphs and tables) are available only according to daytime clicks. Please be careful.

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