Adding Funds to Your Budget

1. The Basics of Targeted Advertising
1.1. Where do I start?
1.2. How does impression advertising work?
1.3. How are pay-per-click ads sorted?
1.4. Video Advertising
1.5. How does geotargeting work?
2. Your Personal Account
2.1. Adding Funds to Your Budget
2.2. Advertising Campaigns
2.3. Setting Budget Limits
2.4. Graphs and Statistics
2.5. Ad Pre-moderation

Adding Funds to Your Budget
All ads and campaigns use a unified advertising budget. You transfer funds that you want to spend on advertising to your personal account. The cost per impression or per click for all of your ads will be deducted from this budget.

Before adding funds, please read through our Advertising Rules. Our platform has some limitations, therefore some advertisers cannot advertise on VK. Please note points 3.1 and of the rules.

To add funds to your account, you will need to go to the Budget section and click add funds.

Add funds

Methods of Adding Funds
Legal persons may add funds to their account via wire transfer. Natural persons may add funds to their account via payment terminals, credit/debit cards, payment systems or mobile phone accounts (mobile commerce).

  • Natural persons will need to buy VK rubles using any available methods and transfer them to their personal account.

Window for adding funds to the budget

  • Legal persons may enter their company's bank account details after which they will receive an invoice.

Legal persons will need to fill in bank account details

Please note that after filling out a company's account details, the personal account is linked to the VATIN of the company and receives the status of a personal account of a legal person. Adding funds to such a budget can only be done via wire transfer, adding funds from a personal account on VK to this account will be impossible.

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