Ad Pre-moderation

1. The Basics of Targeted Advertising
1.1. Where do I start?
1.2. How does impression advertising work?
1.3. How are pay-per-click ads sorted?
1.4. Video Advertising
1.5. How does geotargeting work?
2. Your Personal Account
2.1. Adding Funds to Your Budget
2.2. Advertising Campaigns
2.3. Setting Budget Limits
2.4. Graphs and Statistics
2.5. Ad Pre-moderation

All targeted ads on VK are verified by moderators before being launched. This helps us keep the platform clean and exclude spam and violations of the Advertising Rules. We guarantee effective moderation of ads within 15 minutes at any time of the day on any day of the week.

You do not need to make any additional actions to send an ad for verification, all you need to do is create and launch an ad. It will receive the status "verifying". If the ad complies with the Advertising Rules, then it will be launched automatically after being approved by a moderator.

An ad is verified by a moderation before being launched

If the ad violates the Advertising Rules, then after verification it will receive the status "Rejected". When trying to launch the ad, you will be able to see which points in particular is violates.

Unable to launch ad

In this case you will need to remove the violation and relaunch the ad. It will be launched after it goes through reverification. Please note that to resend a rejected ad for moderation, you will need to have made some changes to it.

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