Your Personal Account

1. The Basics of Targeted Advertising
1.1. Where do I start?
1.2. How does impression advertising work?
1.3. How are pay-per-click ads sorted?
1.4. Video Advertising
1.5. How does geotargeting work?
2. Your Personal Account
2.1. Adding Funds to Your Budget
2.2. Advertising Campaigns
2.3. Setting Budget Limits
2.4. Graphs and Statistics
2.5. Ad Pre-moderation

In this section you will read detailed information about the capabilities of your personal account. This section is constantly expanding. You can also view the brief summary, in which you will find out about the main changes in the system that came into effect on 26th August 2010.

The Advertiser's Personal Account
You personal account is the center for managing ads. Here you can view detailed statistics, create new ads and campaigns and manage already existing ones.

You personal account is the center for managing ads

Advertising Budget and Limits
All ads and campaigns use a unified advertising budget. The cost per impression or per click on your ads is deducted from this budget. Before launching your first ad, you will need to add funds to your personal account. You can find out more about the budget here.

To control your expenditure you can set limits. For additional security of your funds, we have automatically set a daily limit for your personal account.

Ad and Campaign Information
You can view and compare main statistics factors for your ads and campaigns in your personal account:

  • CPC — the cost per click that is set for pay-per-click ads (cost per click). This sum is deducted from your budget each time a user clicks on your pay-per-click ad.
  • CPM — the cost per one thousand impressions (cost per mille) that is set for pay-per-impression ads. A sum equaling CPM/1000 is deducted from your budged each time your pay-per-impression ad is displayed to a user.
  • Daily Limit — set for campaigns. When the amount of funds spent by ads in a campaign in one day reach the daily limit, the campaign is terminated and ads in that campaign stop being displayed. Displays will resume automatically at the start of the next day.
  • Overall Limit — can be set for campaigns and ads. When the sum of funds spent by an ad or campaign reaches the overall limit, the campaign or ad terminates and all displays are stopped. To resume displays, you will need to increase the limit and relaunch the campaign.
  • Spent — the expenditure of an ad or campaign for the chosen period of time.
  • Impressions — the displays of ads on VK pages loaded by users. How often your ad will be displayed depends on the cost per click and the click-through rate if you chose to pay per click, and from the cost per mille if you chose to pay per impression.
  • Clicks — the number of clicks on your ads made by unique VK users. If this VK user has already clicked this ad before (from any computer), then the click will not be counted. Please note that with video ads, a click is considered the click on the ad and not the transfer to the site of the advertiser via a link given on the right under the video being played.
  • CTR — the click-through rate, the effectiveness of an ad (click-though rate). The number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of impressions, it is measured in percentages.

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